Chef Susan Notter
Director of Pastry, Baking and Confectionery Education
Culinard The Culinary Institute of Virginia College

     Chef Susan Notter began her career in England in a small hotel as a general assistant, with duties involving everything from cleaning silver to making the desserts. This experience re-enforced something she had known since childhood; she wanted to make cakes when she grew up! Her career now expands 25 years in the field of pastry crossing many countries and diversity in the confectionery profession. After graduating from culinary school in England she went on to Germany where she spent two years in a Konditorei learning the German style of confectionery production. From Germany, Chef Notter went to Switzerland and learned the Swiss art of chocolate making.

In Zurich, Chef Notter became joint business owner and instructor at the famed International School of Confectionery Arts, teaching trained chefs the art of sugar and chocolate decoration. As the reputation of the school grew so did the demand for international classes and demonstrations. Classes were conducted as far away as Japan and Sri Lanka, the USA, Barbados and all over Europe. During this time 2 books were published; in 1997, "The Text Book of Sugar Pulling and Sugar Blowing" and in 1992, "That's Sugar!"

In 1992, the school transferred its home base to Maryland where Chef Notter continued to teach until 1997. She then took the position as Corporate Pastry Chef at Albert Uster Imports, Inc, a distributor of fine Swiss Foods for the use in the food service industry.

Chef Notter competed in many national and international competitions winning numerous medals and awards. She was the pastry chef on the USA Culinary Team in Basel, Switzerland winning a gold medal and highest scores for the team table display. Chef Notter was named as "One of the Top Ten Pastry Chef in the USA, in 1999 and 2000". In 2000, she was a member of the ACF Regional Team USA, also winning the gold medal and placing 3rd from 41 international teams. Chef Notter was the only female team captain chosen to lead a team to compete at the Beaver Creek Team Pastry Competition in June 2001.

"The position of Director of Pastry, Baking and Confectionery Education is very challenging yet exciting to me. My vision is create a school of pastry education which provides the knowledge foundation for the profession but that also inspires the students with passion and commitment for the art of pastry. Graduates of the program will leave knowing that they have received skills and training enabling them to become valuable members of the chefs community and a sought-after employee."

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