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                               Blueberry Sherbet with chilled compote and meringue wafer


blueberry sherbet

meringue wafer:

12 each egg whites
14 oz sugar
1/2 t salt

preheat oven to 175
whip egg whites and salt
slowly add half sugar when whites start to get foamy.
whip until shiny and stiff peaks. fold in remaining sugar.
spread meringue on silpat by hand or use a cardboard template into 2 in x 3in rectangles. bake for about 1 hour. leave on sheet for 5 minutes then peel off and store in airtight container until ready to use.

chilled blueberry compote:
2 pints blueberrys
12 oz simple syrup

Warm blueberries to in syrup. remove from heat and strain liquid.
return liquid to heat and reduce until thick, add to berries. chill.

blueberry sherbet

1 quart blueberry puree
16 oz milk
14 oz simple syrup
juice 1 lemon

mix all, strain, and churn. freeze.

Blueberry sauce

1 quart blueberry puree
juice 1 lemon
12 oz sugar or to taste













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