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Strawberry Gelee, Yuzu Yoghurt Mousse
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Naomi MIzuno Is the 2007 World Chocolate Masters Winner





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Soft Banana Cake with Yogurt Sorbet and Chicory Glaze

Yield:   12 Portions

Ingredients                                            Amounts

Soft Banana cake

Butter                                                        55   g
Sugar                                                         75   g
Demerara sugar, ground fine                  40   g        
Egg yolks                                                     3   ea
Flour                                                          50   g
Nutmeg                                               pinch  
Salt                                                              2   g  ( ¼ tsp)
Banana puree                                         140   g
Lemon juice                                              25   g
Milk                                                         200   g
Sour cream                                               40   g
Egg whites                                                  3   ea
Sugar                                                         30   g
Cream of tartar                                   pinch



Yogurt Sorbet

Greek Yogurt                                          400   g
Sugar                                                       150   g
Water                                                      150   g
Banana puree                                           40   g
Lemon juice                                              10   g

4. Combine ingredients with an immersion blender.  Process mixture in the ice cream machine.


Pecan Dentelle:

Butter, melted and cooled                        30   g
Corn syrup                                               10   g
Sugar                                                         40   g
Pecans, chopped                                      40   g

5. Combine all ingredients and refrigerate.  Pipe out ½“diameter drops into shallow tart tins.   Bake at 350°F until golden, about 10 minutes.


Chicory Brown Sugar Sauce

Cream                                                     120   g
Chicory coffee                                          20   g
Brown sugar                                             40   g
Salt                                                          1/8   tsp
Butter                                                        30   g
Vanilla extract                                           ½   tsp.
6. Infuse cream with chicory, then strain.  Measure out 60 g of infused liquid.  Bring to a simmer with brown sugar and salt, then whisk in cold butter.  Add vanilla.



Tulip Cookie

Butter, softened                                        45   g
Powdered sugar                                       53   g
Trimoline                                                  32   g
Egg whites                                                24   g
Flour                                                          52   g

7. Lightly cream butter and powdered sugar.  Add the trimoline. Stir in the egg whites, then the flour to make a smooth paste.  Chill briefly before using.  Bake at 350˚F.  Immediately shape while cookies are hot.


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