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                                 Sandra Mallut and The Culinary Butler


Running out of time? Can't catch up? Try The Culinary Butler?

Sandra Mallut and I first got in touch through sanda mallutFacebook. We had some mutual friends, commented on a few of each other posts and then she contacted my about some projects. Now we have a professional working relationship but we may never had gotten to know each other if it weren't for her mastery of social media. First we are on different coasts, me in Atlanta and her in LA and although we have some mutual friends we never had the chance to meet even having been in the same building a few times it actually took some posts on Facebook to finally get acquainted. That is the power of social media and that is how social media works. People with common purpose of meeting and then forming some type of relationship. But most of us, especially chefs, don't have the time to be sitting at the computer making contacts. That was the case for Sandra either until she had a life changing car accident and was forced to be at the computer all day. She spent the time wisely building relationships using a combination of her sales background and her love of culinary arts. She quickly realized that she had stumbled upon something very valuable for often too busy chefs. A way to help them do the things they just didn't have time to do themselves, network, build relationships, advertise their products and events and even find some of those hard to find products. Using her enormous amount of experience and thousands of contacts she launched her newest venture, the Culinary Butler. A specialized business to help chefs advertise, connect attract customers and best of all she does all the work for you. Sandra has taken networking to a new level and created a database that is high end chef talent, restaurants, business persons in food industry, culinary schools, instructors, and TV personalities where she can locate and communicate with most anyone in the industry. If you want to stay in touch and don't have the time or this just isn't your thing contact Sandra, tell her you needs, and let her map out a plan for you to stay connected, keep your name out there, and grow your customer base. I am on my way to Phoenix to cover the World Pastry Forum were the World Pastry Championships were I plan on finally meeting Sandra face to face and find out more about the The Culinary Butler. Especially at her evening seminar on Social Media & Networkingr on July 1st at 7pm.When I do I will pass on all I learn. After all if I attended the seminar and didn’t share it online I have the feeling I would have missed the point and Sandra would be very disappointed. Until then please visit













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