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Tips on creating a quick chocolate display
From the Chicago School of Mold Making
Featuring Stephane Treand MOF
Flavio Federico Featured Chef


Passion fruit Creme Brulee with Green Tea Shortbread, Pineapple, Mango and Kiwi
Soft Banana Cake with Yogurt Sorbet and Chicory Glaze
Strawberry Gelee, Yuzu Yoghurt Mousse
Avacado Ice Cream
Pistachio Florentine
Pan De Elote (Sweet Corn Bread
Fashion Birthday Cake

Pastry Profiles

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team Italy Frozen entremetchinese team pulling sugar
Team Italy's frozen Entremet                                Team China Pulling sugar

The Sugar Art Casting Challenge
2010 World Pastry Forum
2010 World Team Pastry Championships
Pastry Live 2 chocolate seminar with Stephane Treand
The Making of a Sugar Showpiece
Pastillage Showpieces
Airbrushing Pastilage
2007 National Team Pastry Championship
2006 World Team Pastry Championship
2005 National Team Pastry Championship
2007 Culinary Casting Challenge
Stephane Treand MOF Sugar Casting Class
Susan Notter Calligraphy Casting Demo
Chris Northmore CMPC Plated Desserts
Stephane Treand MOF Air Brushing Demo
2008 Sugar Art Casting Challenge
2008 World Team Pastry Championship petit gateau
2008 world team championships work photos