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Modern French Pastries Seminar                     
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Modern french petit fours

presented by Chef Luc Beaudet, of Douceur De France in Marietta, Georgia,taught a seminar on modern French petit fours at The Art Institute of Atlanta. The 2 day Luc Beaudetseminar had students making over 10 types of french petit fours. The class was an overwwhelming success. I kept hearing over and over from the
atendees how great the classes was and how much they are learning
at the seminar, said Chef Bodrogi CEPC.







Luc Beaudet of Douceur De France working during a seminar on modern
french petit fours

Pistachio petit fours

1.Spread pistchio buttercream over a stencil of your choice onto a silpat
and remove the stencil.petit fours








2. Place the silpat in the freezer until the buttercream design is completely

3. Remove the silpat from the freezer and quickly spread white buttercream
over the stenciled design.(be careful to work quickly or the stenciled
design will smear). Remember this will become the top of the petit four.
You are essentially building the petit four upside down.

buttercream for petit fours

Pistachio butercream spread onto a silpat ready to be frozen

4. Cover with a sheet of joconde soaked with simple syrup.

5. Spread a layer of pistachio flavored mousseline cream over the joconde.

6. Cover with another sheet of joconde soaked with simple syrup.

7. Spread a layer of ganache over the joconde remember to keep your layers even.

8. Cover with a final sheet of joconde. This will become the bottom layer of the petit
four and this layer should be soaked less.

9. Freeze the entire pan until completely frozen.White buttercream is spread out
over the frozen pistachio buttercream.

10. Place a cake cardboard onto the petit four sheet and flip the pan over.
Quickly, but carefully remove the silpat. You should be left with your
stenciled design which is now the top of your petit four sheet.

11. Cut into desired shapes using a sharp thin knife dipped in hot water.petit four platter








individual recipes needed to make this item

Chef Luc Beaudet

Many baking enthusiasts fondest childhood memories began in Mamans kitchen and so it was for Luc Beaudet. Born in the region of France called "Poitou",
he followed his mom, at a very early stage,step by step, learning her cooking skills with a special interest in making desserts. The love of cooking she inspired in Luc led him into a formal training in the Art of Patisserie.
     After earning his degree, Luc enrolled in "Les Compagnons du Devoir du Tour de France", an organization dedicated to touring France and Europe to learn the pastry techniques unique to each region.After 4 years in this organization Luc earned the title of "Compagnons du Devoir" by doing a masterpiece in pulled sugar and pastillage.
It took 7 years to accomplish his "Tour de France'.During these 7 years Luc not only perfected his Art but learned many great life lessons as well.
          But France and Europe were not enough for Luc. He felt he was too young to settle down. He took a job as a Pastry Chef in Tokyo, Japan for 2 years.
After Japan Chef Luc took a similar position in Dallas,Texas with La Madeleine French Bakery. When La Madeleine opened it's Atlanta Market, Luc got promoted to Regional Corporate chef. He retained this position for 5 years with an emphasis on product developement.
     Luc's dream of owning his own Pastry Shop finally came true in early 2000
when he opened Douceur de France in Atlanta.Now married with 2 children Luc has finally settled down in Marietta Georgia. With his wife Danielle they have created Douceur de France (sweets of France) with the idea of bringing the true taste of fine French pastries made from scratch to America.













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