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                               Recipes from the Callebaut demo with Derrick Tu Tan Pho


White Chocolate Passion Fruit Ganache for molded chocolates

170g Passion Fruit Puree
25g corn syrup
70g butter
500g Blanc Satin White Chocolate
30g Cointreau

Boil the Passion fruit puree, butter and corn syrup.
Pour over the White chocolate that has been melted to 35C. or 95F.
Let cool to 28C./82F.
Add the cointreau.
Fills about 5 molds

Tea Ganache

275g Heavy Cream
50g Glucose
30g Earl Grey Tea
500g Lactee Barry Milk Chocolate 35%
100g Gianduja
150g Soft butter

Boil the Cream, glucose and Tea for 1 minute.
Then pour over the molk chocolate and gianduja.
Cool down to 90F and add the butter


200g Black Currant Puree
120g Sugar
300g Lactee Barry Milk Chocolate 35%
50g Heavy Cream
50g Butter (softened)
40g Creme De Cassis

Warm the Black Currant Puree
Cook the sugar to caramel
Add the warm puree to the Caramel
Stir in the Chocolate and the Cream
Cool to 30C./86F.
Add the softened butter
Add the Cassis


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