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The 2008 Asian Pastry Cup                     
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Asian Pastry Cup 2008 Prize Winners

Gold APC Trophy: Singapore
Silver APC Trophy: Taiwan
Bronze APC Trophy: China
Special prizes:
Best Chocolate Showpiece: Taiwan
Best Sugar Showpiece: Taiwan
Best Chocolate Cake: Singapore
Best Plated Dessert: Malaysia
Best Team Spirit: Mauritius
Media prize: Singapore
Singapore Pastry Alliance prize: Sri Lanka

Asian’s best pastry chefs crowned at Asian Pastry Cup 2008

Singapore — President-Founder of the World Pastry Cup, Mr Gabriel Paillasson, crowned the Singapore
team the winner of the Asian Pastry Cup 2008 on 24 April at the end of an exciting, tense and emotional
two-day competition. The teams from Taiwan and China were awarded the second and third prizes
respectively as hundreds of supporters cheered them on.
“Due to the fantastic work by the participants, I will be selecting four top teams instead of three,” Mr
Paillasson announced unexpectedly at the awards ceremony as the audience in the crowded arena
clapped enthusiastically. The initial intention was to give only the top three teams the chance to compete at
the World Pastry Cup in Lyon, France next year. The talented team from Malaysia was awarded the
specially added fourth prize. A warm sense of camaraderie and pride swept across the arena as the
audience, filled with ardent supporters of the pastry industry, whooped for joy in response to Mr
Paillasson’s decision.
The Singapore team, represented by Chef Hoi Kuok I and Chef Ng Chee Leong, captivated the 10-member
professional jury with their plated dessert, an exquisite milk chocolate sphere filled with homemade
hazelnut praline and raspberry granita, their “Bliss Chocolate Entremet” chocolate cake, which also won
the “Best Chocolate Cake” special prize, and their “Encounter”-themed sugar and chocolate showpieces.
All four creations earned extensive praises and high scores for their taste, texture, presentation and
originality. It is the second time Singapore has won top honours at the Asian Pastry Cup.
“It is a triumph for Singapore to come in first amidst such strong competitors. The team did very well,” said
jury member Chef Pang Kok Keong.
“I am very happy and honoured that we have won. It was a truly exciting competition, every team was
excellent,” said Chef Hoi, team captain of the Singapore team. “I have only three years of experience in
pastry. To many experienced pastry chefs, I am only a beginner. So I am proud to have the golden
opportunity to represent Singapore in World Pastry Cup 2009!”
This second edition of the biennial competition, held in conjunction with the biennial Food&Hotel Asia 2008,
attracted the participation of 10 Asian teams (up from seven at the inaugural Asian Pastry Cup 2006). This
year, teams from China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritius, The Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka,
Taiwan and Vietnam competed for the top spots.
“This year at the second Asian Pastry Cup, we have the participation of 10 Asian nations and saw so many
talented pastry chefs in action. I am heartened that the event is growing in importance. I would like to thank
the organisers and generous sponsors who have made the APC a success,” said Mr Paillasson.
A new visual identity for the APC was launched this year. The egg marks the birth of the new and also
represents the one ingredient that remains a common theme across many pastry cultures. The gold swirls
are an Asian design element that alludes to the exchange and blending of new ideas.

The top four Asian teams will now prepare to compete with teams from all over the world at the prestigious
World Pastry Cup 2009 in Lyon, France on 25 and 26 January 2009 where they will meet and vie against
teams from France, Japan, Korea, Spain, Italy, and Belgium for the coveted award. Former Pastry World
Champions include three Michelin star pastry chef, Christophe Michalak (2005); Pascal Molines (1999);
and acclaimed Belgian chocolatier Pierre Marcolini (1995).
Mr Philippe Rigollot, the pastry chef at Anne-Sophie Pic’s three Michelin-starred Maison Pic and part of the
Pastry World Champion team in 2005, made a distinguished appearance as a special guest at APC 2008
courtesy of the World Gourmet Summit 2008. “I am delighted to be here, it reminds me of my wonderful
experience at WPC a few years back. I wish for the selected countries an unforgettable experience in
Lyon,” he said.
About the Asian Pastry Cup (APC)
Founded by Valrhona and Ravifruit in collaboration with Singapore Exhibition Services and the Singapore
Pastry Alliance, the Asian Pastry Cup was conceptualised with the aim to promote fine pastry art in Asia
through a competitive platform. An Asian partner to the World Pastry Cup held in Lyon, France biennially, it
is the official competition at which three Asian countries are pre-selected to compete at the international
The APC, first held in 2006, is now in its second year running. The participating teams prepared and
presented their best pastry creations live in front of an audience and the esteemed judging panel, helmed
by Mr Gabriel Paillasson, President-Founder of World Pastry Cup.
Images and a press book containing additional information on APC 2008 are also available upon request.
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